Why Sell Your Property And Rent It Back?

When it comes to selling your property there are likely many questions that you will need to find answers to prior to the sale. One of the main questions is whether you would benefit from selling your property and then renting it back. We can assist you with this process and ensure that you get a great deal if you are considering selling your property and then renting it back.


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Helping You Move Forward

We understand the challenges that can face many homeowners. This is part of the reason that we offer our sell and rent back service. There isn’t a one size fits all sale which is why we always take into consideration a variety of different factors prior to making a sale.

To Sell And Rent Back – Other Options

If you are considering selling and then renting back your property it is very important that you fully take into consideration all the factors that can be associated with this process as well as the potential repercussions.
One of the key points you should know about selling and renting back your property is the overall value of the property. If you choose to use this sale method then you will likely get noticeably less than normal market price for your property. It may be more beneficial for you to make a regular property sale depending on your circumstances
If you are considering this process we can offer zero cost valuations as well as no legal costs should you wish to move ahead with an agreement.

Debt reconciliation

We can assist you with reconciling debts through the sale of your property. We don’t charge legal fees or use unethical sales tactics to force a sale. If needed we can get you contacts from within the debt management industry in order to help you throughout the overall process.

Better Offers

By selling your property direct through our service, you are likely to make considerable overall savings on legal fee as well as estate agent fees. We recommended carefully considering sell your property to rent it back as you may get less than you were expecting and you will also lose ownership rights by selling the property.

Stronger Financial Footing

Once the sale of your property has been completed you are far more likely to have an overall stronger financial footing. This means that sourcing a new property will be a lot easier. In addition to this we will provide support for you throughout the process to ensure that you can relocate your home and possessions without any hassle.

Why not consider selling your existing your property and sourcing a new one as an alternative to renting your existing property.

Moving Homes

We understand that moving home can be a stressful and hectic time which requires a lot of time and energy as well as perseverance to ensure that all your possessions can be moved into your new home. Our team can assist with all elements of the moving process and are more than happy to help.

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