The Sell House Fast Process

The sell house fast process is one that varies greatly between property buyers.

At Sell Properties Quickly we like to do things differently, and we are very transparent about the service we provide.

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We are a cash buyer

This means we have our own funds ready to go and do not need to wait for approval from the bank like other property buyers.

We work to your schedule

No matter your situation, we can work to your schedule and get you a sale that works for you.

Selling Your House Quickly Online

Selling your home online can get you more cash for your property than you might think.
Have a look at this representative example:

Sell Properties Quickly VS Estate Agents

Nine Months
Asking Price £100,000
Price Agreed £90,000
Solicitor Fees £1,500
Estate Agency Fees £1,000
Council Tax and Other Bills £3,000
Ongoing Mortgage Payments £1,650
Maintenance Repairs £1,000
Final Price £81,850
Seven Days
Asking Price £75,000
Price Agreed £75,000
Solicitor Fees £0
Estate Agency Fees £0
Council Tax and Other Bills £0
Ongoing Mortgage Payments £0
Maintenance Repairs £0
Final Price £75,000


A New Way To Sell Homes For Cash

Homeowners no longer have to wait months to get a fair price for their property.

Now property owners can secure a sale in just a few weeks if they wish, with complete transparency every step of the way.

We are always honest about our services and the way we approach property sales.

One of the most important aspects of our property buying service is that we have the funds available to buy any home.

This means that there is no waiting around for the bank’s approval like there would be if you were to sell through an estate agent.

sell homes for cash

Our Commitments To You

  • We offer free and impartial advice to people looking to sell properties quickly
  • Complete transparency from start to finish
  • You are in no way obliged to accept our offer if you don't want to
  • We cover all fees involved, including legal costs
  • We can appoint you a solicitor or you can supply your own

Sell Your House Fast – Our Process

  • Get in touch to get a guide price for your home
  • If you are happy with the guide price our professional home surveyors will value your property in person
  • We will examine the home report and then make our final offer to you
  • If you accept we will arrange for a lawyer to be appointed to you to take care of all the legal paperwork
  • Once confirmation has been received you will receive the cash in your bank account within 7 days

We Buy Any House UK Homeowners Have To Offer

  • We buy any house homeowners in the UK want to sell
  • We buy in markets in a downturn
  • Homes in undesirable neighborhoods
  • Property in disrepair or in need of repair
  • Homes being repossessed


Many people wait for months for a property sale on the open market, but there are situations in life where this is simply too long.

Without a doubt, the fastest way to sell your home is to sell to a cash buyer such as ourselves, but the problem is finding one.

We are one of the UK’s leading online property companies and we specialise in buying homes in a quick and easy way.

We cover all fees from our end to make the process easier for our customers.

With any property sale, there are fees such as legal costs, admin costs and surveyor fees.

We take care of all these costs and include it in our final offer to you, which reduces costs overall.

We buy any house you have to offer, including commercial property.

We buy property in any location and in any condition, which is a huge advantage for localised housing markets that are in a slump.

We can purchase your property before it is repossessed and arrange a hand over date that works for you.

This means you can pay off your mortgage and keep your credit in check, as well make arrangements on your next property.

We determine our final valuation based on an in-depth home report performed by our expert property surveyors.

We use our own certified surveyors for the best understanding of the true condition of your property.

There is no charge for having your home surveyed.

You are also not obliged to accept our offer based on this survey.

You can expect an initial offer from us within 24 hours of getting in touch.

We usually make our final offer within a few days of receiving the home report.

It usually takes 1-3 days for funds to clear in your bank account but some banks can take up to 7 days.

This is why we usually give the guideline of 1 week for the money to appear in your account.

Yes, you can read our reviews from previous homeowners on our website and on Google.

We welcome any feedback good and bad on our service.

We would love to assist you in any further enquiries you have.

Please get in touch via phone, email or by visiting our contact page and will gladly assist you.

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